Special Response Corporation

Specialized Security Training Academy

Training Academy

Special Response Corporation is located in Hunt Valley, Maryland, just a short drive north from Baltimore-Washington International Airport and downtown Baltimore. 

The vocational objectives for this private career academy are that graduates will be better prepared for security-related employment opportunities involving homeland security threats. Furthermore, graduates of the Special Response Homeland Security Training Academy will be better positioned to receive higher wages from private security companies and may obtain positions with greater levels of responsibility and security clearance.The Special Response Homeland Security Training Academy is a unique opportunity not to be missed!


Special Response Corporation has, for the past 30 years, been able to provide our 1 week training academy to our selected candidates, without charging a fee for the academy.  .  Once accepted to the training academy, 3 criteria must be met to pass the training academy

1. Upon arrival to the training academy you will be administered a drug test.  Failure to meet the passing requirements will result in non-admittance to the academy and you will be responsible for all return transportation costs.  

2. Completion of an Industrial physical endurance capability test which consists only of a 1& 1/2  mile distance to be completed in 17 minutes or less.

3.  Completion and 80% passing grade of the Security Officer Basic training course. The training is for a position as a security/tactical officer.  Any other positions, i.e.; photo, evidence coordinator, executive protection, supervisors, will require eventual advancement once one has worked on a number of assignments. Click here to see the list of the Security Officer Basic Training Course.

Tuesday is considered solely a travel date for arrival to the facility.  Training begins Wednesday morning 0800hrs – 1800hrs (approximate) and will be each day through to the following Monday.  The  Security Officers Basic Training Course Final test will be given Monday morning and all candidates will assist in final preparations for closing ceremonies of the training academy.   Out bound travel will be the following Monday morning.

Candidates will be responsible for arranging their lodging and meals during the training.  Candidates are not considered a wage-earning employee of Special Response Corporation, until they have successfully completed all aspects of the training academy and an offer of employment is presented and accepted.


What to Bring to the Training Academy                 (RECOMMENDED LIST TO BRING)

The Training Academy attire is required to be "Business Casual" and to the right is recommended attire to bring to the facility while the academy is in session.

All other clothes are at your option to bring but will not be permitted to wear during the training hours or while deployed and  working on a job  assignment.



The 2011 Finalists: Training Top 125 (in alphabetical order):

2 pair of casual slacks (khakis,Dockers, etc..)

2 dress Shirts (polo collar, button down, etc.)  

1 pair of casual shoes                                       

1 pair of running or tennis/basketball shoes     

1pair of black dress shoes                              

1 pair of shower shoes                                     

2 pair grey dress slacks                                

1 white long sleeve dress shirt                       

1 navy blue blazer                                           

1 neck tie (colors/style/print optional)           

1laundry bag           Appropriate sleep attire (co-ed environment) Personal hygiene items (toiletries, etc...)       Prescription medication & prescription note -(bring enough for potential 45 deploy)                          

 PT Clothing: shorts/sweats (for PT training)   Seasonal items: (cold weather/rain gear,etc)