Special Response Corporation

Specialized Security Training Academy

Follow-up Information concerning Special Response Corporation

You will be not earning wages while attending the training academy*.   Drug screening will be done upon arrival to the training academy.  You can bring extra money for extra curricular activities outside of training.   Candidates will be responsible for all travel to and from the training academy as well as Lodging and meals.


 *Special Response does provide a $300 sign on Bonus incentive.     For all candidates that graduate the training plus complete their initial first 45 days on a deployment(s)  the bonus will be added on the next pay period pay check


Points of emphasis:

1.       The hours of work on assignment are up to 84 hours a week (12 hours a day, seven days a week).  Job assignments have no predetermined length of duration.  After 45 days  on assignment, you may complete a rotation request 1 week in advance for the 1st Saturday rotation after  the 45 days to be released from the job deployment.  

2.       Training is for a position as a security/tactical officer.  Any other positions, i.e.; photo, evidence coordinator, executive protection, supervisors, will require eventual advancement once they have worked on a number of assignments

3.       Rate of pay you will be receiving while on assignment             

 $9.00/hr for 40 hours AND $13.50/hr for OT 44 hours (+ $35.00 per Diem cash/day)

4.       Once completion of training academy, the intent of the company is to offer you a job assignment directly if available or release you for outbound travel home.

5.        Advancement opportunities once you have completed a number of assignments based on your commitment and service shown to the company.

6.       Three meals each day are provided by Special Response Corporation which will begin Wednesday.  Tuesday night candidates will be offered a lite meal/snack also.  Early arrival attendees will want to make food arrangements during your travel inbound on that Tuesday travel date.

7.       Candidate's Failure to  pass the drug screening, PT Run or complete the training academy, candidate will be sent home home at the candidates own expense and any future employment will not be considered.

8.       Training academy attire is business casual (khakis, Dockers, polo collared shirt or Buttoned down shirt etc…) during the training hours.  Wednesday afternoon/Thursday morning dependent on weather conditions, will be the distance endurance PT test (1.5 miles) to be completed in 19 minutes or less.  Friday’s training day will consist of meeting all Special Response staff and pictures taken for photo ID’s plus normal classroom sessions.  This day dress attire will be a navy blue blazer, white shirt w/tie and grey dress pants* (photo) .   When travel inbound or outbound to the training academy, dress is at your choosing taking in to consideration your method of travel and being comfortable.

 *for the training school if you cannot get a navy blue blazer in time or do not have grey pants already in your wardrobe, come as close as you can, it is more important to attend the training than cancel out.