Special Response Corporation

Specialized Security Training Academy

Security Tactical  Officer  (Entry Level)

As a security tactical officer for Special Response Corporation, we provide emergency security throughout the United States.  This is a travel position. Special Response Personnel will be offered job assignments as they become available, for which you will be deployed anywhere in the United States for up to 45 days at a time on each assignment you accept to deploy.  Special Response Corporation will provide the travel logistics, lodging and per diem when a job assignment is accepted.

We provide security needs for companies throughout the United States, that in times of emergency or heightened vulnerability situations, such as labor disputes; work stoppages; workplace violence; company down-sizing; natural disasters, and all other type of homeland emergency situations that may require security.  Our job deployments may be long-term or short-term in duration.  Assignment duration lengths are determined by the needs of the companies contracting our services. 

We provide companies with security of their property through access control and perimeter patrol, personnel protection, escort details, evidence coordination and all other security needs that the company may require. We provide primarily non-weapon unarmed security, and with our prior military and/or police personnel, we will provide the type of security our clients need to ensure that their personnel, information and property are safe in a crisis situation. 

This is a standby /on call position.  Out of a 12 month period, the average tactical officer deploys on average about 6 months cumulative through several accepted job assignments .  

The pay scale is based on full-time hours.  Once a job assignment has been accepted and deployed,you will be working up to 12 hours a day,7 days a week, for up to 45 days in a row (or length of contracted service if less than 45 days).  Once again, there is no guarantee on length of contracted services. Special Response Corporation can not promise continuous work, 52 weeks a year.  We provide job opportunities on an emergency/ heightened response basis for businesses and corporations based on their security needs.   The average again isup to  6-7 months through the course of the year. Job deployments can range from 1week to multi-year contracts.

When dealing in emergency response situations, nothing can be guaranteed on length of job deployments or how many companies will contract throughout the year with our company.

For those that are interested in security and would like the idea of travel across the United States, and the flexibility an emergency security position can provide you, Special Response Corporation would like to extend to you the opportunity to accept attendance to one of our upcoming training academies this year to get started in a career with a security company that has been in business over 25 years and recognizes the security industry is increasingly more important as our World changes each day.




Pay Scale:

Pay is $954.00 for the week

 (based on hourly pay rate)

7 days 12 hour shifts 

 84 total hours worked per week

84 hours would be paid as follows:

1st 40 hours  paid at $9.00 - $360.00  

44 hrs OT at $13.50           - $594.00 

Per Diem in cash daily of $35.00

weekly total Per Diem          -$245.00            

TOTAL PAY FOR THE WEEK                       $1199.00 (gross earnings)