Special Response Corporation

Specialized Security Training Academy

How to Become a Team Member of Special Response

 To complete the application process, each candidate must submit all of the following paperwork before we can evaluate your application  and offer you an invitation to attend a Special Response Corporation Training academy to continue the hiring process.

         Process for Candidate  approval to attend a 1 Week Training Academy:

PLEASE: When submitting documents to us, include your name, mailing address, email and a phone number so that we can get back to you upon receipt of your documents.

Required Documents:                                                                                                             

______Copy of Official Criminal Record (Obtain through your local or state police

           department.  If you were ever convicted of a felony, you are not eligible for employment)

______Copy of Motor Vehicle Record (Obtain through your State Department of Motor

            Vehicle Administration or through your private insurance carrier)

______Driver’s License Copy

______Social Security Card Copy

______Copy of DD-214   (With character of service, members copy #4, )

               Or if Police Officer Qualified:

­­­­­­                ______Police Officer Service Letter

               ______Police Academy Training Certificate


         How to Submit Paperwork

Please submit all requested paperwork to the Operations Center of Special Response Corporation either by:

FAX NUMBER (410) 785-9025

EMAIL bspencer@specialresponse.com

or US MAIL:    14804 York Rd

                       Sparks-Glencoe, MD 21152

PHONE (888) 398-8903 ext. 121 (toll free)