Special Response Corporation

Specialized Security Training Academy


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Security experience only qualify me?

    No.  Each candidate must have either prior military service of 3 years active duty (equivalent 6 years Reserves/National Guard) or 2 years working as a Police Officer.

  2. I have experience as a Corrections officer, does that qualify me?

    No.  Special Response Corporation does not qualify Dept. of Corrections as meeting the law enforcement experience qualification

  3. Does the company offer Medical/Health Benefits?


    Special Response Corporation carries all the standard statutory insurance such as Worker's Compensation and Employer's Liability as required by the laws of the state in which the work is to be performed

  4. Will I Get Paid during the Training Academy?

    No.  Each candidate is not considered an employee of Special Response Corporation until completion of the training academy and upon the first job assignment offer by Special Response Corporation and candidates acceptance of that assignment. 

    *Special Response does provide a $500 sign on Bonus incentive.      For all candidates that graduate the training academy plus complete their initial first 45 days on a deployment(s) the bonus will be added on the next pay period pay check

  5. How do I get Paid once I start working?

    Special Response Corporation's pay periods are bi-weekly.  Every two weeks employees with earnings for that current pay period will have their paychecks sent to them, either to the site they are currently deployed on or sent to their home of residence if their job assignment has ended.

  6. What about uniforms?

    Special Response teams are uniformed in a functional manner which enhances the image of respect and authority.   Security personnel basic uniform are outfitted in professional uniform attire consisting of a navy polo, gray slacks, cap and black shoes.  For situations that require a "higher" profile attire, team members wear navy jumpsuits, police/swat caps, black military boots and web belts. (See Photo Gallery)

  7. Arrival to the Training Academy?

    Each Candidate is responsible for their transportation to the training academy as well as arranging lodging and meals.  On the Tuesday of the start of training, candidates should plan to arrive between 12p-5pm EST so that we can get the registration process completed and get all candidates ready for the start of training wednesday at 0800hrs.  .  If you choose an alternate method of travel (Train/Airfare) there is a MTA light rail from the Baltimore terminals directly to our facility that can be utilized.  Please ask the Operations dept.  for more information

  8. What are the Advancement Opportunities with the Company?

    Each candidate has to  meet the same qualifications and attends the same training academy .  Upon completion, each personnel begins as a Security Tactical Officer.  Through the prior work experiences, knowledge gained, and committment to Special Response Corporation, personnel have the opportunity to advance in to positions as a Photo Operator, Evidence Coordinator, Executive Protection, and our multi-levels of Supervisory Positions.  Advancement in to the other positions is dependent on the personnels performance along with the committment to the company.

  9. What type of security will we provide?

    Most deployments center around providing clients the perimeter property security issues they require to safeguard their facilities and personnel.

    Special Response Corporation is prepared and able to provide all security needs to our corporate clients from property security , escort details, to security for corporate personnel, as well as, offer a Survey  Protect Plan (TM) identifying security needs and emergency action plans that a crisis may involve.

  10. Do I have to Attend a Training Academy to be hired on with Special Response Corporation?

    No.  Each candidate that is pre-approved by Special Response Corporation that they meet our minimum standard requirements criteria for hire may choose to acquire the proper certifications on their own behalf to allow them to begin employment with Special Response Corporation. 

    All candidates must have recently attended state(s) approved training school(s) and have been certified to work in CA,CT, FL, LA, MN, NJ, NY, TN, TX, andVA.   If you don’t possess these certifications or unable to obtain them on your own, we offer the Training Academy at no cost that will provide the candidate through Special Response Corporation to acquire these certifications at not cost to the candidate.       .


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